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Adam and Eve have provided no proof ... against Homosexuality.

I believe the Adam and Eve story provided in Genesis has provided NO proof that God has ever locked into His created order any prohibitions against homosexuality. I believe that from the moment two of the same gender / sex appeared on earth, homosexuality became a provided and viable option for same-sex couples who fell in love with each other and wanted to become a legally recognized family in the sight of all heaven and earth. Although, I can believe that heterosexuality was made the natural conduit for inheritance from one generation to another through procreation, I certainly do believe that both heterosexuality and homosexuality have always been, and still are, natural and therefore should have been, and were meant to be, accommodated in order to solidify family and properly pass on inheritance not based upon genetics by all laws. I believe that all prohibitions made against homosexuality have been blasphemous distortions of God’s Holy Word and assaults against Holy wisdo…