I could call this Red Copper Skillet Lasagna!

     When I was having fun making this, I had a few objectives in mind. 1) Use that square red copper skillet; 2) use up leftovers that were in the fridge; and 3), of course, enjoy a good time!

     I didn't know we didn't have any store bought lasagna noodles!  Oh darn!  I guess I just have to make some!  Let's put some bread flour and eggs to work!

     I had some herbs growing from pots out on the porch, so I got to enjoy using them!  I cleared the fridge of some leftover chicken, ground beef, and pork cutlets.  Chop, chop, chop!  Heat, stir, taste, correct with herbs, spices, and seasoning.  Repeat if necessary!

     Did I mention we had some left over sour cream and ricotta cheese too!

    We ate about half of it on the first go around!  I love, love, LOVE left over lasagna!


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