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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

New Testament writers believed Jesus was returning right away. No time, or need, to write stuff down about Jesus! By the time they realized they were wrong, they had to rush in order to preserve eyewitness accounts. Polishing it up was not the priority. It was not the stuff of literary artists. It was urgency! Writing materials were rough! Writing was labor. Abrupt and incomplete perhaps! Got the point across!

Sophira is a healthy girl, but has some ear and skin issues.

It was time for her annual rabies shot, but she had a few other issues that I wanted to have check by the good doctors at Cornelia Veterinary Clinic.
     It was a busy day at the clinic!  Lots of dogs making lots of noise.  Sophira behaved very well!
     She weighed 41 pounds, which is what she weighed a year ago and the year before that.  Her heart and breathing sounded good.  Her teeth and gums looked good.  No heart worm.  No mites.  No fleas.  No ticks.  
     She's had some ear infection and skin irritation issues though.  So they did skin scraping and ear swabs.  Turns out she had rod bacteria in her ears.  All test results from the skin scraping turned out negative, so we're still not sure what has caused the irritations.
     We got some antibiotics, medicated shampoo, and some chewables.
     She was so very well behaved, I was proud.  So I took her for some ice cream.  She loves ice cream!

My Adventure Making Stuffed Rolls.

Other names besides "Stuffed Rolls" have been used for these.  One can find them steamed in some places, baked in others, or both.  I wasn't as impressed with the steamed ones, and I think that's because I did not knead the dough.  The baked ones were delightful!  The dough was strong enough to hold the ingredients yet tender to be bitten and chewed easily.

     Before making the dough, I made the filling on the day before so that all the flavors could mesh while sitting in a zip-lock bag in the fridge overnight.

     I decided I wanted to use breaded chicken fingers already cooked, so I bought a bag of frozen ones and chopped them for the filling.  My thinking was that the breading would help add pastiness to the mix and, thus, help the filling to adhere to the surrounding dough.

     To the chopped chicken tenders, I added ground pork and ground beef that I cooked myself.
     Then, I added chopped sweet onion, chopped sweet peppers, crushed red pepper, and honey.  

This is what was happening in a bit of Mount Airy, Georgia on today, May 25, 2017.

The beef steaks were a bit tough the other night, so I marinated them, cut them into small chunks, and added vegetables.  

Not too heavy!

     Usually, I make peach cobbler another way.  For this time, I decided to make a biscuit dough out of a mix of almond, whole wheat, and all purpose flours and play around with the shape.  Also, I thickened the filling before baking.  

Avocado Chocolate Pudding ... no cooking needed!

On the first time I tried making Avocado Chocolate Pudding, I used avocados that were not quite ripe.  What a difference ripe avocados can make!  The ones I used this time were ripe and soft inside (no brown).  

In a large bowl I spooned out the ripe meat of the avocado and added coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup, vanilla, coconut shortening, unsweetened cocoa powder.  I squeezed and mixed it all by hand.  Then I transferred the mix to a food processor for a final and thorough puree.  


I wish I had some chopped pecans to add to the pudding, but it is delicious as is!

Peanut butter oatmeal cookies made from scratch

All natural peanut butter unsalted butter egg milk vanilla molasses sugar old fashioned rolled oats whole wheat flour all purpose flour baking soda baking powder salt
All mixed and formed by hand.
Baked for 14 minutes at 375

What to do with left over chicken soup...!

Thicken it up with some corn starch.  Make a biscuit dough and roll it out thin for a bottom and top crust.  Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes, then lower the temperature to 325 (so the dough won't brown anymore, but the heat will continue to thicken the filling) and bake for about 15 more minutes.  That's what I did.

Meet my plant children!

I don't know what has gotten into me, but lately I've wanted to try to grow some potted plants.  No expert here!  Entirely a novice! Just going to try my luck, and see what results!
     What's in the pots?  No hot peppers, but some non-heated ones, and some sweet peppers, strawberries, zucchini, sage, oregano, basil, and cherry tomatoes.  I hope to have some beginner's luck!
     It kinda helps me remove my mind from my health issues.  No fever, no coughing, no difficult breathing, but repeated diarrhea attacks.  It seems like most of, in spite of the pancrelipase I'm taking, what I eat goes through me like bowel cleaner, and I'm drained of energy.  I drink lots of fluids, but it seems it contributes to the problem.  Yes, I think of kidney failure, but it seems I'd be having other symptoms too.  I don't know.  I may make a trip to an emergency room soon.  I've had this problem before.  A year ago, I went to an ER.  They kept me over night and dia…

I made this cake up. What should I call it! YUM!

OMGoodness! I should have written down what I did!
The only thing I would change is add some chopped nuts, or chopped zucchini, or chopped pumpkin. I guess about 1/3 cup would be enough.
about a cup of organic whole wheat flour about 1/3 cup of coconut flour (organic) about 1/3 cup of almond flour (organic) about 1/3 cup of coconut sugar (organic) about 1/3 cup of coconut shortening (organic) about 1 Tblsp of baking powder about 1/2 tsp of baking soda

2 large eggs (organic, free range) about a

I tried Avocado Chocolate pudding for the first time!

Fresh avocado honey vanilla cocoa powder coconut shortening coconut milk
Put all that in a food processor and blast away.  No cooking!  Place in a dish and let chill in the fridge.  That's it!
I enjoyed it, but I found it pungent, so I should not eat much of it at one time.  After tasting it, I wished I had used avocados that were more ripe in order to make a more smooth pudding.  Mine came out nutty in texture, which wasn't a bad thing.  I will do this again.

Ok, so I'm exploring the raw cooking thing a bit!

I heard that when it comes to vegetables, one should avoid heating them above about 105 degrees, so that the enzymes aren't destroyed.  So, I thought I'd run some veggies through the food processor and smother some cooked pasta that I cooled with some crumbled up left over meat loaf that contained little more than rice and old fashioned rolled oats.
     After tasting (and enjoying) dish, I wished I had squirted a bit of lime over it all.  Besides that, I thought it was quite delicious, and I will do it again.
     What did I put in it?
     Tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, sweet peppers, zucchini, cucumber, basil leaves, cold pressed olive oil, and Italian seasoning.

I'm up to something!

I enjoyed running into Beth aka Elizabeth Hogan at Cornelia Ingle's today. Or did she run into me? Actually, she saw me first. Everyone knows how oblivious I can be to the world when I'm focused on something, but I really was enjoying myself.
I bought coconut oil, coconut shortening, coconut milk, organic avocados, organic broccoli sprouts, organic cucumbers, organic zucchini, organic flour, cocoa powder, organic raw honey, organic maple syrup a few "Naked" organic super-food drinks, and some coconut flour, and coconut coconut water. Did you count how many times I typed "organic" and coconut?" LOL!
Yea, I'm up to something! I'm sure I'll share with you pictures and stuff as I go along!
I'm gonna try some ideas that are kinda new to me to see if they help me with me enzyme deficiencies and, consequently, merciless diarrhea attacks! In addition to what I bought at Ingle's, I ordered some organic super-food supplements online. The…

Original Sin?

My abrupt thinking (I think) on any given day can go something like this.

      I tend to think that the the point of the Garden of Eden story has not been to zero in on historical details, but rather to emphasize the enormous impact sin can have on a world.  I tend to think that that's where the emphasis of Original Sin ought to be also.  It's not important what detailed act was done, what word was said, what thought was embraced.  What's important is realizing that once sin is set in motion it continues to impact the world exponentially.  I would venture to say that that first (rhetorically speaking) setting in motion of sin is still effecting the world today, and all the generations of offspring from that "original sin" are, likewise, effecting the world.

     I've read stuff about "hamartia," that Greek archery term that means "missing the mark."  Still, I think the emphasis is not the bow, not the arrow, not why the shot was made, …

It's okay to pray on my behalf. Just don't tell me about it.

If you want to pray on my behalf, it's okay.  However, please don't tell me that you're doing it, that you've done it, and don't tell me any of the contents of your prayers.  

     I share information not for the sake of soliciting prayers or empathy.  I share simple to share with whosoever what's going on in my life.  It's all good! 

     God, I believe, has put all things together to work certain ways, and it's all good.  A certain amount of sodium mixed with a certain amount of chlorine will produce table salt. Change the "certain" amounts, one could get hydrochloric acid.  A certain amount of hydrogen and a certain amount of oxygen can make water.  A different amount could produce hydrogen peroxide.  Within the DNA, changes made help produce different result.  It's the way it was all made and made to work, so it is all good!  It is right!  Even when it looks like something that is harmful to life, it is always right in the sense that it…

I doubt Bible contents were ever intended to be ....

Someone on Facebook made the comment that follows.  Here I share the quick, short, abrupt response.
Most Christians believe God can do anything. But sadly...very few believe he can give us a perfect Bible.

I doubt Bible contents were ever intended to be "How to" essays, narratives, stories, etc. Probably they provide snap shots (through a group of people -- the Jews) of universal human conditions and problems in various centuries (which, probably, have existed any place on earth inhabited by people) and show us that not much has changed anywhere on earth. Humans can use their minds to set a lot of destruction in motion, not because they must, but because they can. Curing the compounded world of destructiveness has become more complicated than ever. There's been no escape from humans having to live, learn, and think in order to survive and excel in order to fulfill being human. What will it take for perfect harmony and peace to be real on earth? Maybe, God h…

The Young Messiah ...

I finished watching the movie a few minutes ago.  

     I am no literary nor movie critic.  I won't try to be one.  I want only to respond to the movie in my own way.

     I thank Anne Rice for writing the book "Christ the Lord Out of Egypt."  I enjoyed her exploration of what being the Young Messiah, Jesus Christ, might have been like.  To put that into a novel and then to put it into a movie of less than two hours was a huge challenge.  Anne Rice took it on and produce a lovely book. The producers (and everyone else involved) of the movie took it on and produced a lovely movie.  I think they produced presentations that were in good faith and reasonably faithful to the New Testament presentations.  

I think "Exocrine Pancreas Insufficiency" is my condition.

 Warning!  After a few paragraphs, I used some cuss words to describe my experiences.  I wasn't focused on grammar and intellectual word choices as much I was on just telling it like it is as I know it.

     During a couple of years ago, diarrhea started to affect my life more than ever.  At the same time, a hernia developed in my gut between my navel and genitals.  I had just begun course work in Cosmetology, and I was getting up at 4:30 every morning because I had to be at work scrubbing pot and pans and doing various other student worker tasks at 6 am. in the campus dining hall.  I worked until 7:45, then started classes which were over at about 4 pm. after which I worked a few more hours in the campus dining hall.  So I was living a busy life when my health issue began to invade my life.  Successfully, I finish my Cosmetology work, got my license, and went to work cutting hair.  Did that for over a year before I could manage to have the needed surgeries for my body.

     About t…

Religious denominations virtually curse one another! Yes they do!

How many people who have read the whole Bible agree on their interpretations of it all?  

Don't give me this "Well, they agree on the essentials!"  Even the ones who "agree" about what the "essentials" are have disagreements all through the details.

I have seen college / university tall and long library shelves full of interpretations.  What would be the point of so much writing if everyone agreed so much?  

Non-Pentecostals say the Pentecostals are wrong!

Pentecostals say non-Pentecostals are wrong!

This one says they are wrong about salvation!  That one says they are wrong about the Holy Spirit.  Another one says they are wrong about the age of earth!  Still others say others are wrong about

what women should wearwhat constitutes holinesswhat constitutes profanityheavenhellthe second deaththe rapturethe tribulationthe millennial reignRevelationsGenesisDoes Isaiah have more than one author?the various editions of Old Testament writings ... what was Josiah&…

Dear Clients, Together most of you paid me well. Non-tippers ruin everything!

Dear Clients,
     Thank you so much!  Some of you tipped $20, some $10, some $5, and some $1.  Together, all of you chipped in to help maintain a win-win business relationship between you and me.  My employer does not pay me $15 an hour, and I'm okay with that.  You see, we (my employer and I) are counting on you to see to it that I do well, so that I can afford to stay and continue to provide (and continually improve) good service for you.  You make it possible to keep prices down.  You make it possible for us to provide "walk-in" service and provide for you when it is convenient for you.  If my employer had to pay me $15 an hour, prices would have to go up, because neither I nor all other stylists on board could afford to work here.  You keep the win-win business relationship alive.  You win!  I win!  All other clients win!  My boss wins!  The company wins!  I cannot over emphasize how grateful I am that you help keep the win-win situation improving and improving.

Non-tippers take advantage of everyone and ruin everything! It's always lose-lose!

Tips (money paid for service) are a way to keep prices down.
Tips are how a customer can pay the person who provided him / her a service.
15 - 20 % is a fair measure that everyone can chip in to help assure that service providers are paid for what they do.
Tips lead to win-win business and keep win-win business perpetually rolling.
Non-tipping lead to lose-lose business and keep lose-lose business perpetually rolling.
Imagine employers paying waiters / waitresses $15 an hour instead of $2.25 (I just picked two amounts)!  How much do you think you'd have to pay to eat at that restaurant?  Seriously! Think about it!  Probably that one ceramic plate of scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and toast served with metal utensils would cost you well above $10, and that does not include the cost of a beverage served to you in a ceramic / glass container!  So, now you're at $12 just for one person!  Could you afford to feed your family (of say 4) at that restaurant?  We're talking well over $40…