Meet my plant children!

    I don't know what has gotten into me, but lately I've wanted to try to grow some potted plants.  No expert here!  Entirely a novice! Just going to try my luck, and see what results!

     What's in the pots?  No hot peppers, but some non-heated ones, and some sweet peppers, strawberries, zucchini, sage, oregano, basil, and cherry tomatoes.  I hope to have some beginner's luck!

     It kinda helps me remove my mind from my health issues.  No fever, no coughing, no difficult breathing, but repeated diarrhea attacks.  It seems like most of, in spite of the pancrelipase I'm taking, what I eat goes through me like bowel cleaner, and I'm drained of energy.  I drink lots of fluids, but it seems it contributes to the problem.  Yes, I think of kidney failure, but it seems I'd be having other symptoms too.  I don't know.  I may make a trip to an emergency room soon.  I've had this problem before.  A year ago, I went to an ER.  They kept me over night and diagnosed the problem as "acute renal failure" and recommended I see a gastroenterologist.  That's what I did.  That's how I got the prescription for pancrelipase.  At that trip to the ER, my weight was down to 141 pounds.  At this very moment, it is down to 133 pounds.


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