Have you met Tucker?

     I was gonna name him Sandy, but finally Mom named him Tucker.  He's Mom's miniature Shelty.  He's cute!  He doesn't leave the front porch (although I'm trying to teach him to do his pee and poo off the porch), and he's learned the pecking order!  When he was just a puppy, I told Mom to start walking him around the yard, so he could learn the property and begin marking his spots.  Did she listen to me?  Of course not!  Now Mom has to hose off the porch!

     He loves me!  I give him treats and feed him with my own canine children (Sophira and Buster Brown).  He doesn't get to sleep in my bed though.  Mom keeps him penned in to his own bed spot, and he's been a good sport about that!  


     As you can tell, he's about the same size as Buster Brown, and they are both males.  That makes them suitable playmates.  They love to play together, although Tucker won't leave the porch even though Buster Brown does!

     Buster Brown and Sophira get jealous when I pet on Tucker!  Tucker wants some loving care too!

     Sophira is my oldest and very special canine child!  I love her!  I think she understands "I love you!" 

      She's not so fond of the two youngsters!  They get on her nerves.  She prefers to come in the house and stay near me, or in our bedroom!  When she snaps, she goes ballistic!  

     I adopted her from Mom.  She was about six months old then.  Now, she's living her fifth year!

     Buster has slept right next to me ever since I began taking care of him.  He was about eight weeks old when Mom brought him home after she found him in a brown paper back in the back floor of the car Mom's adopted grandson was driving.  The plan was to return him to the grandson (I don't claim him!), but he ended up in prison again.  

     Buster Brown is now just over a year old!  He's a good dog!  He enjoys being obedient!  He knows what the pee blanket is for, although he tries his best to hold it until he can go pee outside!  


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