Death will be the final attempt of sin to stop me from living!

     Death will be the final attempt of sin to stop me from living!  It won't work!  

     The accumulation of sin -- all the little bitty ones, all the really really big ones, and all those in between -- will yield its final affect on this mortal body.

     Sin is a bit of death set in motion.  It is not something I do.  It is something I set in motion.  It is the exact harm, the exact effect, the exact consequence, the exact bit of death that I set in motion with my thinking, my actions, my speaking, and even my negligence.  It is my failure, at any and every second in time, to be FULLY what I am.  I am a soul.  I am perfect.  My calling is to be FULLY what I am.

     I was not born fully knowing how to fulfill being 100% the soul that I am.  It was always my task to seek, knock, ask, live and learn every second of everyday.  It was always my task to do trial and error.

     I made no mistakes.  I simply did what I did.  I acted.  I thought.  I spoke.  I recycled erroneous information.  I recycled erroneous thoughts.  I commanded my actions with contaminated thoughts.  I refused to act.  I neglected to act.  In every case, I set in motion at least one exact effect - some beneficial, some harmful, some a mixture of benefit and harm.  Chances are, I would bet, I set in motion -- like ripples in a spherical pond, like radio waves -- effects that would forever roll on and on and on.  At each second of everyday, I was at a particular point in my time and place -- a point at which I had not ever yet reached and a point at which I would never return.  

     At last all the sin -- all the "bit of death" -- set in motion will accumulate and overcome this mortal body.  It will be sin's last attempt to stop me from living.  But, sin will destroy itself.  I will carry on!

     I was never meant to be "I was," or "I will be."  
     I am!  Always, I am!



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