Chicago Pizza in Demorest, Georgia

     I had been glad to see the old Sonic Drive-in remodeled and turned into a successful business!  Traffic flow just didn't work well enough to keep Sonic alive!  Some good folks tried to succeed at making it into a doughnut shop, but to no avail.  

     Hopefully, Chicago Pizza will be able to manage their operation into a thriving business!  I hope so, but I'm sure they will have to work at it and not screw up!  After all, they're not the only new pizza place to have opened up in the area!

     They were located in a small shopping strip not far away from this new location.  They put a lot of money into redesigning and making the building (inside and out) and parking lot attractive.

     I had visited Chicago Pizza some time ago.  I was disappointed!  Why?  Because the spaghetti and meatballs I ordered tasted like it had come out of a can, and the meatballs were just soooooo small, and my server just didn't seem to have much passion for his work.  I don't want to ever have to wave my server down for water refills.  I don't want to ask for a straw.  I don't want to ask for a spoon to go along with my spaghetti.  I go prepared to tip well and spend good money on good food, so I want my server to be attentive and anticipate my wishes, and I want the food to meet my satisfaction.

     I decided to visit the new location.  

     The 12 inch thin crust pizza I ordered with Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, and Spinach was very good.  It was not too salty, that's a big plus for my satisfaction!  The ingredients were well distributed (a bit of everything in every bite).  The crust was mildly crunchy the way I like a thin crust pizza to be.

     My server wasn't bad, but I think he should be coached so that he can be more successful.  For several years, I waited on tables so I get it!  He should never go into the dining room empty handed, and he should carry a full pitcher of water around frequently and fill those glasses up until the customer signals he / she has had enough!  Customers should NEVER have to request for more water.  He should be more proactive about all other drink refills, "Would you like some more Coca Cola?"  not "Would you like anything else?"  Naming the product, item, dessert is promotional he should take advantage of.  "Would you two like to share a slice of chocolate cake?" (or whatever else is offered on the menu) or "May I box up a _________ to go for you?"  I hope the tip I left was encouraging for him!

     I intend to visit Chicago Pizza again, so I can try something else.  I might even order Spaghetti and meatballs again.

     They are a bit pricey, but not too much so!  I enjoy my own cooking at home, so I don't go out to have cheap fast food.  I go prepared to spend some money for food that I want to be as good, if not better, than what I can do at home!


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