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  So I saw a pack of uncut pork center cut tenderloin at the supermarket!  When that happens, like during most times when I visit a supermarket, my mind enjoyed wondering what all I could do with the food supply!  As you can see in the picture above, I cut some of the loin into chops and freezer bagged them.  I packed them by 3's, because in this house lives my Father, my Mother, and Me!

     I bag leftovers in freezer bags and, you guessed it, put them in the freezer.  I buy large quantities of meats, fruits, and vegetables and portion them all out into ziplock freezer bags.  So much good food is in season now, and our freezer is looking better everyday!

     Already, I had it in mind to make a pork cutlet meal I enjoyed while living in South Korea, so I cut some of the loin like butterfly chops.  Then, with the back of my knife, I wacked then many times to enhance tenderness.

     After tenderizing them, I coated them with salt, pepper, and all purpose flour and placed them into a ziplock freezer back.  We have plenty of leftovers in the fridge, so these will sit in the fridge for a few days before I cook them.

     The pork cutlet meal I intend to make will include a Bok Choy slaw.  It's best when very very cold, so I shredded it, bagged it, put in the fridge near the pork cutlets.     

     I might as well use the outer Bok Choy leaves and thicker inner parts to make a ziplock bag of kimchee!


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