Please check for ticks on your dog everyday!

     "Do you think we should have him put to sleep?" she asked on the day after we took Tucker to the vet for an emergency visit where our suspicion of tick paralysis had been confirmed.  Within a few hours Tucker went from being a bundle of energy to being nearly lifeless.  We ordered a full blood panel, and the results showed he wasn't in bad shape except for the paralysis of his body.  We ordered a flush treatment to help rid his body of toxins, and drops placed on the back of his neck to kill fleas. The good news was that tick paralysis usually reversed and the body recovered once the ticks and toxins had been removed.  It can happen to humans too!  It can be deadly!  We knew we'd have to keep an eye on him in case he began having difficulty breathing and he would need us to change his position every couple of hours.  Doing so was no chore!  I was glad to help Tucker as much as I could!

     On two days after his visit to the vet, we were very please to see his recovery kicking in!  He's special in his own way, so it had been heart breaking to see him being so helpless.  Within hours he was back to his normal self playing with Buster with whom he loves to play!  Buster loves him too!


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